Dream Program will Continue its Legacy after the Winter Olympics

The “Dream Program,” which served as a midwife of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’ bid, will continue after the Olympics.

Gangwon-do Province said on the 21st, that it will hold the 2018 Dream Program at Alpensia in PyeongChang and Gangneung Ice Rink from April 10-22.

The Dream Program is a project to foster the world’s teenage rising stars in countries with no snow, which Gangwon-do Province pledged to the International Olympic Committee during its bid to host the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. In the 14 years since it first began in 2004, 1,919 global teenagers from 83 countries have participated. Amid the assessment that it contributed to the expansion of the international base of winter sports, 185 participants made achievements by participating in international competitions.

Under the slogan “You are camps! We are friends!” this year, 112 teenagers from 26 countries around the world will participate in experiencing winter sports and learn about Gangwon-do Province and Korean culture and history.

The Dream Program will be the first event to be held since the successful hosting of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, with 91 participants from the general sector and 21 from the disabled sector. The Dream Program consists of winter sports training and Korean cultural experience programs.

Sports training will be conducted on four snow events (Ski, the disabled, snowboarding, and cross-country) and two ice events (Figure Skate, Short Track) according to participants’ level. The Korean culture experience plans will inform participants of the value of peace, the beautiful natural scenery of Gangwon-do Province, and the past and present of Korea by visiting landmarks such as Goseong Unification Observatory and Gyeongpo Beach in Gangneung, the amusement park, folk village, Gyeongbok Palace and Myeong-dong.

In the end, the program will also enhance understanding of winter sports and the Olympics with special lectures from Olympic medalists.

The province will recruit 60 volunteers until the 22nd through the official Dream Program website (http://dream.ngelnet.com/index).

“We will hold the Dream Program even after the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics to realize the Olympic spirit of fulfilling humanity through sports and promoting world peace,” said Gyeong Ho Jeong, head of the provincial sports department, on the 19th. “We will strive to make the Dream Program safe and successful with history and tradition,” he continued.

[This article is provided by the Seoul Shinmun.]

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